How can an earthquake transform and build a landscape ? What is the link between an earthquake and a mountain ? These are the questions that the researchers of the EQ-Time project, funded by the French National Research Agency, are asking themselves and that they invite you to share in this exhibition. An earthquake is not only the catastrophic event we think of, it can also be perceived as a breathing of our earth’s crust that generates a relief. The exhibition will allow the public to find the traces of past earthquakes in the landscape and thus to better understand their genesis.
The project is innovative as it proposes an approach to geosciences based on sensory perception (visual, sound and tactile). The content will also be accompanied by animations to allow a different understanding and perception of landscapes and their evolution mechanisms. The aim is to show a new facet of the landscape as perceived by researchers.

Free exhibition
Project managers : Manon Bachelet et Lucilla Benedetti
Realization : Lucilla Benedetti, Thierry Botti et Solenne Albertini-Mattei
Graphic desing and drawing : Anne Defréville 
This project benefits from the Aix-Marseille University grant for scientific culture projects and was carried out in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Marseille.